Murf Versus May

I was hoping for it to actually be April Fool’s Day today. “Surprise! It’s not May after all, you get your April back.”

Didn’t happen.

Oh well, that means the Newbie Blogger Initiative has kicked off its annual run. Good times are ahead for the month of May, lads and gentlegals! If you hadn’t already read my post on why I support the NBI, check it out here. I also intend to run an ‘advice’ post each Wednesday during the month of May. They will be a bit tongue-in-cheek and not as ‘how-to’ or helpful as real advice columns ought to be, so please read them even if you aren’t just beginning your long road as a newbie blogger.

And that’s all I plan on posting (well, one more article to end the week). I may toss out a few reblogs here and there, but I’m going to temporarily cut back to one article a week. No reason to worry – I’m just taking a little breather. Since January, I’ve kept a really steady post schedule often involving some fairly lengthy posts. I am not tired or burnt out on blogging, but I don’t want to be either. I will still be around on Twitter and commenting/liking other blog posts as usual.

On a related note, I am declaring May my official ‘Recharge Month’. I’m going to take some time off, visit a few friends, and maybe plan a real vacation sometime in the next few months. I’m also going to learn how to ride this bicycle I bought (stop with that glaring disbelief, we’ll discuss this later!). I’ve felt pretty out of it lately, so a reset will be good for me.

See you all again soon.

2 thoughts on “Murf Versus May

  1. Blogging is hard. You feel pressured to post everyday to maintain a following, but doing so can burn you out which can kill off a blog entirely. Sounds like you are maintaining a sensible balance. All the best with the biking.


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