Rocket League – Tactical Defensive Tips

Rocket League – Valuable tips to be successful in the sports game from Psyonix. We recommend these tips and tricks, but for Rocket League: Practice makes perfect.

The sports game from Psyonix racing and football is very popular. In our Gamecheck Rocket League we have already tested the game extensively for you.

Rocket League is true to the motto: Easy to learn, hard to master. For this reason, eager gamers have sent us tips and tricks about Rocket League (Thank you very much). Let’s start with the defensive tips.

The zero must stand

Without a certain tactic it will be difficult to survive in Rocket League. This becomes even more difficult if you don’t play in a well-rehearsed team, but with completely unfamiliar people. Nevertheless, you should try to play a certain tactic in order not to completely go in.

  •     Since everyone wants to be a striker in order to score a lot of goals, the back goal is usually open like a barn goal. So your team can easily score goals instead of scoring them. Take care to secure it to the back, otherwise you won’t be able to play with a maximum of four strikers.
  •     Develop a good defensive tactic with some players who always back up. The defenders should try not to chase the ball wildly, but rather to kick the ball forward with caution in order to further secure the back. The defender should go as far as the middle line.
  •     From this midfield line, the defender has the best overview of the opposing and own players. In addition, the defender can see which player is currently in possession of the ball and can act tactically better. If the opponent has the ball, it is advisable to behave passively. If your opponent is in possession of the ball, you can play more offensively and keep an eye on everything.
  •     If the opponent is on the ball, it is important not to attack him directly blindly. This can go off quickly to the back. You have to develop a certain feeling for when you should attack your opponent or better wait at your own goal. Otherwise it can happen that the opponent moves the ball again jerkily and semmelt past you into the goal. A typical beginner’s mistake.

Attack – Kick-Off and all on the ball?

A popular (though not lucky) tactic at the kick-off is for all team members to storm the ball in the middle at the same time. But this can cause the ball to go into your own goal – albeit by chance.

  •     If your teammate is already near the ball, place yourself next to it. If the ball bounces off, it may hit you and you can shoot it further forward. If you are standing right next to it, the ball is usually gone. In the worst case, it’s towards your own goal.
  •     Before the kickoff, decide whether you want to go forward and place yourself next to your teammate or whether you want to act more defensively. If you stay more defensive, your reaction time increases to hit the ball correctly and maybe even better.
  •     If a teammate is closer to the ball, get into the goal quickly. In the end, you have more to gain than a frustrated goal.

Kick and rush or dribble?

Of course, the safest way to drive is to keep the ball forward. This way you run the least risk of conceding a goal. However, you often lose control of the ball and the opponent comes into possession of the ball.

  •     It’s the easiest tactic: Always hit the ball forward. It’s best to hit directly in front of the opponent’s goal. Ideally, however, you should always wait in the semi-circle of the boosts in your own goal area to shorten the path to the ball if it comes in the direction of your goal. If another player is in front, you bridge the midfield and are therefore more dangerous.
  •     It depends on which match you play. 3 vs. 3 behaves differently than 2 vs. 2. In a 2 vs. 2 match everything is faster. Here you will probably hit the ball forward. However, it is better to start a dribbling because of the low number of opponents. Move the joystick back and forth when controlling the ball. So you’re leading the ball pretty straight in one direction. If you hit a goalkeeper at the end of the opponent’s goal, just give the ball another short nudge. This will surprise the goalkeeper in most cases.
  •     In a 2 vs. 2 match one discipline plays a big role. Fast changes of direction and position play are in demand here. You have to move fast to get back from the opponent to your own goal. Making a somersault forward while driving helps to move forward quickly.
A pro Video on how to be the best in defense

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