PUBG tips and tricks for beginners

The surprise hit Playerunknown´s Battlegrounds (PUBG for short) is very popular with us gamers. But especially for beginners it is very difficult to survive. So that you don’t get frustrated and know what to look out for as a beginner, here are 5 PUBG tips from us.

Playerunknown´s Battlegrounds – short description

In PUBG you parachute down an abandoned island with another 99 players. Once at the bottom, the game starts right away: You have to get weapons and equipment and try to stand up to other players. In the course of the game not only the number of players shrinks, but also the number of circles on the map you are allowed to be on, otherwise you die automatically. This will eventually lead to a real showdown and the last player to think about it will win.

What sounds simple turns out to be incredibly difficult on closer inspection. Passing against 99 other gamblers alone should already make one or the other lose the joy of PUBG. In order to get more and more success in PUBG, you should have a look at the 5 PUBG tips.

PUBG Tips for Chicken Dinner

What do I want with chicken now? Some PUBG beginners will ask themselves this now and rightly so. Under the famous “Chicken Dinner” hides the final screen for the winner, which is why some gamers may not have seen this yet. The winner screen says: “Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner” and provides the winner with true moments of happiness after an exhausting (survival) fight. In order to enjoy a delicious chicken dinner, you should consider the following PUBG tips, because they will help you.

Choose a destination carefully

When falling from the air you can choose a location on the map. You should choose it carefully and never drop one on the island like this. With the M key you open a map as soon as you have left the plane, then you should select and mark a location and choose between a high loot chance and a certain calm.

Flying to the island

Once the aircraft has reached your desired destination, you should leave the aircraft as soon as possible by pressing the F key. Now you steer your figure in flight and can select the desired direction with the direction keys. If you are at the desired position, but still in the air, it is time to pull the pull rope. Your parachute will open and now you should point your nose down. This will increase the speed of your fall, which will make you more accurate and faster on the ground than your opponents.

Gathering what the stuff holds

Once you hit the ground, you should start running to plumb the depths. Go to the nearest building and collect anything that has not been anchored. The first few seconds can already determine whether you have an advantage over your opponents. It can also happen that you hit your enemies faster than you want. If you then have a weapon with ammo and your opponent hasn’t yet, you have a clear advantage.

There are three levels for equipment and especially for protective vests, helmets and backpacks. Head and body protection shows the level of damage resistance and for backpacks it refers to the capacity. Higher armor allows you to take more hits, a higher backpack lets you transport more loot.

Eagle Eye be vigilant!

In Playerunknown´s Battleground, it’s vital to keep an eye on every possible pixel and sharpen your senses. For this reason you should always consider every source of danger, no matter how small, as it could quickly turn out to be a kill (or your permadeath). Whether an opponent is further away and you notice that he suddenly runs in your direction or whether he hasn’t discovered you yet can already be decisive for the game. Some players sneak through the map and take off their shoes to avoid attracting attention, which is really a clever move.

Which tactic is the best in PUBG?

Playerunknown´s Battleground is all about survival. That’s why you should adjust your tactics accordingly. It is ideal not to attract attention in the long run, so that other opponents kill each other, according to the motto: “If two fight, the third rejoices”. The number of kills doesn’t matter in PUBG at all and you shouldn’t race through the island like a wild Beserker at the beginning to flatten everyone. Often it’s easier to hide and attack at a crucial moment.

Of course we don’t mean that you should camp (buuuh), but to find an ideal position from the defensive, where you can’t just watch after the first minutes. As soon as you shoot an opponent, he will know you did it. A miss can mean the end of you. So it’s better to sneak closer to him and then hit him more safely and eliminate him. You should also consider whether a fight is really worthwhile or whether you should only observe.

If you can’t avoid the fight anymore, you should stay calm and not panic. Even here you should tactically go into battle and think carefully: Close combat or ranged combat? In ranged combat, it makes sense for your opponent to stand still, as a moving target is more difficult to hit. In close combat you should only go if you have at least a machine gun or a shotgun. These are the most effective and if you use them you have a good chance to win.

A cool video I found that shows the tips in action!

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