No Man´s Sky – Tips for beginners

The guide for beginners of No Man´s Sky

Tips on how to farm resources, earn money and expand your inventory.

In this guide you’ll learn all the important things you need to know to get started in No Man´s Sky. From the crafting system to how to make the best money from the hidden traders in space.

Since there is no real manual or tutorial in No Man´s Sky, you are on your own and therefore we want to help you to explore the wide galaxy quickly without any problems.

Repair spaceship

At the beginning it’s so that you start on a random planet with a well I say slightly demolished spaceship which of course you have to repair for further exploration. First of all it would be advisable to repair the boosters that you need for the start and loading processes. For this you need four karit plates, each made of 50 irons. You can collect the iron supplies with the mining jet (R2) in the area around the crash site, there are also enough supplies.

After that you need plutonium to recharge the energy of your spaceship. You will always need a certain fuel level during a launch. Just have a look at the red boxes that are located at the crash site, you will also find the crash site on different planets not only where you started. Plutonium can be found at the red elongated crystals. Whenever you mine raw materials, make sure that there are no guards nearby … they protect their planet and if someone destroys it. they do everything to make sure that the destroyer is no longer alive.

Repair analysis visor and scan environment

You will find a lot of resources, but I would advise you not to take them all with you to not pack up your inventory at the beginning and to not be able to take the important resources you need to repair with you. After you have repaired the spaceship, you should repair the analysis visor and the scanner, two important things that you definitely need.

With the scanner you should use as often as possible, you can scan raw materials and find out what they are from a distance.

With the visor you can also analyze plants and animals from a further distance. This will not only unlock the entries in the discoveries you can also rename them and upload by uploading you can get the other units. If you have already discovered something, a small green circle will be in your sights, if not, a small red circle will draw your attention to it.

Charging life support systems

to explor you will need support systems

There is an energy bar that you always have to pay attention to when it is very cold or poisonous rays are on the planet, for example, pull you back into caves or buildings to replenish it. You can also recharge it with isotopes and carbon as well as plutonium.

You can decide if you want to leave your Start Planet or explore it first. Soon as you explore the planet, a question mark in your sights will pop up and lead you to a facility. Often the question marks hide abandoned Ailen stations with a storage possibility. You can search the inside of the building for switches that often unlock additional technologies for your suit, multi tool, or spaceship.

Get more inventory slots

Some space stations usually offer an additional inventory slot for 10,000 units, so you can unlock it for your suit. These are especially important if you want to get ahead in the game as you will have to collect more and more items to make. You can also find broken spaceships on other planets in the course of the game that you still have to repair, but most of them have more inventory space.

Find dealers

Some planets have plenty of raw materials and some have a lot of raw materials… That’s why there are merchants outposts that often buy and sell things that you can’t find on the planet. The merchants are mostly to be found at the Ailienstationen. You can also sell things there to get units. If you are doing a good business you can tell by the percentage if it is too low it would be better to search for another dealer to get the best prices.

Learn a language

Learn new words 😉

You’ll find such “stones” so you can learn the language from the aliens. You can also solve simple puzzles in the middle of the room of a discovered Ailenpost and thus learn the language.


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