PSA: My #Pokemon poll is ending Friday – please vote!

In case you missed it, my post from last Wednesday had a poll. If you forgot to vote, the poll is below and the previously mentioned link will explain it. Otherwise, you might like to know that the poll will be closed on Friday and the top three rules will be the ones I run with!

Happy voting.

History Repeating: My Journey to Draenor Ends #WoW

I spent most of the year debating whether or not I would be returning to World of Warcraft. The question of my return remained a constant back-and-forth battle, but the length of my stay remained constant. I knew before I had even decided to buy Warlords of Draenor that I wouldn’t be in it for long. This return was not going to be a history rewriting affair, but instead a short, bittersweet homecoming and a last hoorah.

Let me get this disclaimer out of the way: World of Warcraft is still a solid game. The years have been kind, despite some of the faults of the game’s engine or its older models now showing their age in comparison to the new. Most importantly, it’s a fun game and an excellent cooperative experience with your friends. Warlords of Draenor is a positive addition to the game, and it has a lot to love. If you are still somehow on the fence or you have never tried World of Warcraft before, I still vote you give this game and this expansion a fair chance.

Pleasantries aside, let’s discuss everything I hate about this game:


Somehow WordPress managed to fuck up my draft, so everything I had to say about how terrible time-based grinding is or how I can’t be bothered to find friends/guilds in this trash heap or how uninspired the 5-man content is will forever be lost.

Oh well, the Internet could probably do with a little less bitching anyway. See you later Warcraft!

Listmas is back for 2014! #Listmas2014

The Holiday retail gig has been killing me. Along with the other stresses of life, the long hours of frustrated customers, coworkers, and bosses hasn’t been kind to my writing habits either. I was worried that Listmas wouldn’t return this year or, if it did, would be far more limited without my oversight.

Thankfully, the fine folks over at United We Game (who helped with the event last year) were more than willing to pick up my own slack. Slightly re-imagined to make it a more friendly and less grueling affair, Listmas 2014 is here and is in full swing at this very moment.

In case you missed the last one, Listmas is a simple holiday about list-making. Bloggers publish up to five lists between now and December 30th with the hashtag #Listmas2014. On the 31st, United We Game will publish a finalized Listmas List that links to all the lists bloggers have contributed for this year’s Listmas. Other than publishing lists, bloggers are also encouraged to comment on and share their favorite lists from other writers.

I hope I can get in the full five before the I either break down mentally from work or the 31st comes and goes. I hope you can too. If you’d like to share the announcement post, please share the one that went up on United We Game this last Sunday. And please retweet if you are able to help get the word out!

Merry Listmas and happy writing everyone!